Nursing Foundation Lab :-

There are demonstration beds in adequate proporation for practicing a nursing procedure. fully equipped cupboards, 2 racks, adequate furniture and all necessary inventory articles in sufficient numbers for the practice of nursing procedure by the student.

Nutrition laboratory :-

There is a facility for the students to gain knowledge about food & practice in cooking food for healthy as well as sick.

Anatomy Lab :-

There are sufficient numbers of anatomical devices are avilable for the practice of the students like skeleton, loose bones, model of human organ etc.

Midwifery And Child Health laboratory :-

There are sufficient numbers of manikins (dolls and dummies) are there for practice of nursing procedure like models for course of delivery.

Community Practice Laboratory :-

There are sufficient numbers of articles are their for practicing nursing procedure in a community setup.

Computer Lab :-

There are sufficient numbers of computer with internet & software facility for the practice of students.

A.V. Aids Laboratory :-

There are sufficient numbers of A.V. Aids are available for the students for Heaith education purpose.

Library :-

There is ample collection of international and national edition of books available in library for students and also visitor's. many journal including natinal and international editions also available for knowledge gaining pupose of students.