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About Us
Aims Of School Of Nursing

The primary Aims of the undergraduate nursing programme as Shankar Nursing & Paramedical Institute is prepare nurses who reflects the following:


Applies and integrates caring behavior that demonstrates respect for individuality.


To demonstrate the knowledge and skill required to enhance health to individual, families, grounds and communities.


To achieve mutually defined goals communication with patients and in collaboration with other health professionals.


Synthesize information that relates to the internal and external environmental factors for use in the clinical decision-making process.


Create cultural concepts to solve complex problems in the provision of culturally sensitive nursing care to individuals, groups, families and communities.


Demonstrates the use of knowledge and learn nursing skills to provide safe and effective therapeutic nursing interventions and implement complex decisions in all aspects of nursing care.

Critical thinking

Demonstrates the incorporation of critical thinking into the nursing process and applies research findings to formulate and implement complex decisions in all aspects of nursing care.


Teaching to develop and conduct appropriate learning-teaching activities to meet the health needs of individuals, families, groups and communities.


To analyze the interaction of ethical, legal and political factor upon nursing care policy at all levels of practice and demonstrates behaviors reflect professional responsibility and accountability.

Eligibility For Admission To Examinations

A candidate shall be eligible for admission to the Final State Council/Board Examination if the Principal of the School Certifies that :

a :- She/he has completed not less than 11 months of the course.

b :- She/he has attended 75% of the formal instructions given on each subject and 75% of the clinical/field experience in each         area/field/subject separately during the academic year However; the total clinical/field experience prescribed must be      completed before the final Council/Board examinations and the issue of Diploma.

(The Diploma shall not be awarded to the students till she/he has completed the clinical/field requirements)

c :- The overall performance of the student and her/his conduct during the entire academic year has been entirety satisfactory.

d :-The student has passed in the internal assessment in each subject. i.e. both in the theory and practical by securing 50% mark       separately in each subject and practical.

e :-The record of practical experience is up to date. (The principal sends to the council/Board the internal assessment for each             subject i.e. both theory and practical, before start the examination along with the examination forms.

Supplementary Examination

The council shall supplementary examination within six months for the examination.

a :-If a student fails in one theory paper/practical, she/he may be allowed to proceed to the next year of the study. She/he will sit for a supplementary examination she/he shall be allowed to sit again along with her next year annual examination.

b :-If a student fails in two or more papers she/he will not be the allowed to proceed to the next year. She/he shall sit for supplementary examination in the failed subject/practical only. But he clears third year examination shell be eligible for the next year’s examination after one academic year from the date of passing last examination.

c :- No candidates of category (a) shall be allowed to proceed to third year (higher class), unless she/he has passed in the subjects of the previous year (back-log) to the second year.

d :-If a student fails in one theory paper/practical examination of third year she/he may be allowed to proceed for internship. She/he will sit for a supplementary examination held subsequently in the failed subject/practical.

e :-If a student fails in two or more papers/practical she/he will be allowed to proceed for internship. She/he shall sit for supplementary examination in the failed subjects/practical only.

f :-A student shall not be allowed to proceed for internship till she/he clears year examination.

Grading Of Examination

Examination shall be graded on the aggregate marks of the entire 3 years & 1/2 years of the training programme, as follows :

Distinction - 80% and above

First Division - 70% to 79%

Second Division - 60% to 69%

Pass - 50% to 59%

Transport Facility

School of nursing have own bus available 24*7 for transporting students to the clinical area and other visits.

Clinical Practicing Facility

1. BRD medical college Gorakhpur

2. Anandlok Hospital

3. Psychiatric Hospital Lucknow

Teaching Facility

Well qualified and experienced teaching faculties available in campus for teach and guide each and every students.

Hostel Facility

School of nursing has provided hostel facility for distance students who can stay and study here.