Message Form The Desk Director Sir

In history of nursing trends are movements of the profession in a particulars direction. They are influenced by changes in the society by other professional leadership in national and international level.

Nursing practice has changed in recent years due of following reason-International treads in Nursing process, health needs of the society, Awareness of health needs by society economic condition of society, new development of medicine.

The Vision and mission of Shankar Nursing And Paramedical Institute is to make a way for future career by providing well established institute with well qualified and trained faculties to trained the students to achieve a profession skill to serve the nation in variety of services like Hospital nursing services, community health nursing, military nursing, nursing abroad etc. It shall be our sincere effort to provide a better environment or an exposure to multi-specialty and super specialty hospital to attain a knowledge.

Modern nursing defines nursing is an art & science to serve the human being with tenderness, love & hope & progress in science and medicine during these times increased interest for better nursing service & nursing training.

I wish you and incentive educational experience in our institute and wish you all your bright future.